BR1M RM950 Cash 29 November 2012


The following are the step-by-step guide for all new applicants of BR1M 2.0 to register online, make sure you have entered all information correctly before submitting to the next step.

You will be unable to amend or change the information that you have submitted except for waiting the reply from MOF. 

Visit here to apply your BR1M: 

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  • Dear all friends, please visit the following link & register BR1M online with LHDN: 

    Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you will find it quite easy!

    Good luck to all!

  • Shireen ong

    Hi, I need apply theBR1M v2.0 for my mother can I go online fill the form?

  • hi, my mum get the first – br1m v1.0, do she need to re-apply for br1m v2.0?


  • parameswari a/p mahalingam

    last year i apply ready tis form BRIM
    im get the money… tis year want apply new application or last year record can use for tis year ???pls let me know ….tq

    • Parameswari & Azam, if you / your mom had already received the first BR1M, the second BR1M will be sent to you directly without applying again.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hi! Good day to you. Last year i have qualifications with this BR1M-$500, but this year l’m not to qualify. But my father this year have to apply BR1M-$500 to take care my mother, how to check the result pass or fail?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi, I’m Alice.
    I want to ask when is e expire date?
    Because my mum didn’t submit the form with those ic.
    Can u help to check about the date?

  • cm ne nk isi borg br1m?????

  • when is the expired date for the application for BR1M- rm500 & BR1M – rm250 and when can i check for the status?

  • hi, last year l hv qualified to get RM500. and my friend told me to register under eBR1M to get 2nd time RM500. so l did applied for under ‘KEMAS KINI PERMOHONAN BR1M 1.0′ is it ok?

  • shoaib khan

    dear madam
    im shoaib khan from Pakistan i coming to Malaysia next month
    my business marble showroom in Karachi im on company in ipoh city
    pls send me dilate .
    shoaib khan
    Pakistan. Karachi

  • nk check nama yg dh senerai perlu ke daftar semula…..?

  • Would like to find out how long will we get the response from this?
    By the way, What is the real different of BR1M 2.0 & 1.0?
    Someone please enlighten me. Appreciate!

  • Hi, must i attach a copy of my ic if i applied online??

  • hai i try apply online n put all details but whn i click send it required to put the tanggungan details which i have done..what should i do?

  • dh 2 kali aply x dapat ponnn

  • Hi,Madam, i heard that we can check the status whether we can take the BR1M-$500 already or not without waiting the letter that deliver to our house. Is it ?? How to check ??thanks in advance

    • Yee, due to more than 7 million applications received by Government, there is no available channel to check the application result except wait for the result from IRB via normal post.

  • i want to get enter to the link.always come out with the error?tq

  • Hai,i click no pengenalan baru but cannot to click.. Register 1st or what??

  • still cannot open the link..its say the page is not available

  • hi, how do i check the status? i had submitted since last year. TQ

  • do my application approve? please email me

  • hai, ibu saya terima Brim 1 di pulau Pinang tetapi kerana terlalu tua, di berpindah dan duduk dengan saya di teluk Intan, Brim 2 sudah mula Keluar, tetapi kita tidak mampu pergi ambil , jauh dan kalau nak pergi ken belaja hampir 500 untuk uruskan teksi………jdi tak berbaloi…..

    boleh kah bantu tukar alamt ………mana nak pergi untuk dapat bantuan?

  • Hi… my mother in law just received a letter for collection RM500 on 17th Feb 2013 at Segambut but she is still in Kota Kinabalu and only will be back to KL on March, may I know can she collect it during March instead of February? TQ

  • if my bank acc is my name and my wife’s name, then can i apply it with this acc?

  • Hi, My mother received the letter saying her application was successful, however she will not be in Malaysia on the receive date. is it possible to get them direct bank in to her account or I can go get on behalf with her authorization letter? Thanks

  • darrel kan

    Is it okay for university student apply? Thanks you

  • I want apply BR1M v2.0 by online.. i try it all but cant. please give me correct webside. thanks.

  • Hi, this link is not working. I couldn’t enter it.

    • Hi Nicole, the website is now extremely busy at normal time, you may try at mid night or early in the morning, there will be less traffic then.

  • Olivia Bahrun

    As Salam…Tahun lalu saya terima Br1m di Kuala Lumpur. Disebabkan masalah peribadi, saya telah berhentikerja dan balik ke kampung halaman saya di Sabah. Memandangkan saya baru diterima bekerja di salah sebuah syarikat swasta di Sabah, saya belum dapat memohon cuti tahunan. Bolehkah saya tukar alamat untuk dapatkan br1m di Sabah?..Kerana bila saya ke kL untuk dapatkan br1m, tiket penerbangan pergi balikpun dah mencecah RM700 lebih..Bolehkah saya mohon pertukaran alamat melalui online?

  • hi..nak bertanya..setahun yang lalu saya telah berjaya mendapatkan br1m ..rm500 ini..tetapi sekarang saya nak apply atau kemas kini..alamat surat menyurat saya telah bertukar,,apa perlu saya lakukan,,dan dengan siapa saya berurusan ,mengenai pertukaran alamat saya ini???please…give me some advice

  • Hai, I understand that the BR1M closing is on the 30/1/14. Do we still need to apply again for this year or the previous information already sufficient. Please advise and how do I go about to do it.

  • I accidently close the “printing part” aka “cetak”, is there anyway i can go back to that section to print it?

  • tahun lalu i dah dapat duit br1m .. tapi i bujang dapat rm250 … sekarang dah kahwin so apa boleh buat ? saya dah check web … tapi tak dapat update bujang ke kahwin …

  • Hi….i cant onlibe register? wat hapoen?


    saya belum pernah memohon BR1M, kalau saya nak memohon apakah cara yang sepatutnya saya buat.Kalau pada masa ini bagaimanakah cara atau apa yg perlu saya lakukan.Harap dapat berikan penjelasan.

  • I didn’t know that the portal for BR1M already closed. Why didn’t it notice earlier. I’d just knew about this just this few minute. To think that to fill the BR1M app is already closed. Is it possible for others or even me to fill or also to updated ??

    #help the curios one…

  • Tahun lalu saya dah terima Brm1m dan sekarang tahun ini belum lagi.Adakah saya perlu mendaftar mengisi borang lagi ke?atau terus ke pejabat cawangan lhdnm?tapi saya tak tahu kat mana pejabat lhdnm kat Johor.Dulu ada Surat pengasahan datang tapi skrg dah susahlah.

  • hi,macam mana check saya ada lulus dalam br1m 3.0?ada hantar surat macam tahun dulu tak?

  • Garry wong tiing ing

    How to check brim bank in my which accounts ??

  • Garry wong tiing ing

    Because my some not activated also can’t remember which bank I submitted.
    Plus give advice!

  • patrick ak yabu

    nak tahu status permohonan brim saya samada dilulus ataupun sebalibknya sampai sekarang masih tertunggu kelulusan permohonan

  • winson goay

    hi..nak bertanya..setahun yang lalu saya telah berjaya mendapatkan br1m ..rm500 ini..tetapi sekarang saya nak apply atau kemas kini..alamat surat menyurat saya telah bertukar,,apa perlu saya lakukan,,dan dengan siapa saya berurusan ,mengenai pertukaran alamat saya ini???please…give me some advice

  • lam yong heng

    why no banking rm 650 to me

  • why im not getting my brim yet, pls reply me. tq.

  • im stil waiting for brim but til today i hve nt get brim, pls reply me. tq.

  • Chong Chee Fatt

    tidak dapat Rm 650,macam mana online check

  • Hye gud evening, i would like to know, eventually my mom passed away last year july, bt can i get my mother’s br1m?



  • Mohammad Yusuf bin Abdullah

    Saya belum mendapatkan lagi brim pada tahun 2014 ini ? sekarang saya tertanya -tanya kenapa ? boleh tuan puan tulong simak utk saya, terima kasih.

  • Dear sir, my parent is wargaemas Malaysia and both of them never apply for BR1M. Can we still allow to apply three of the BR1M now?

  • Chong Sow Men

    Already register BR1m, But how to change address?

  • What’s up, all is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing information,
    that’s genuinely fine, keep up writing.

  • why i can not click and type for register?

  • Hi, i’m helping my parents to apply the BR1M 2015, but would like to check with you something.

    1. when is the due date for BR1M 2015 application ?
    2. i click the link below, it direct me to the correct page, but when i click on the column “pemohonan baru” it is no respond. May i know why ?

    Thanks and regards.

  • Can a joint account be used for the BR1M or must it be an individual account?

    Thank you.

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