Calculate your personal income tax payable 2013 from the following table: Malaysian Personal Income Tax Rates 2013. 

Malaysian Personal Income Tax Rates 2013

All personal income tax submission for year of assessment 2013 via e-filing must be done on or before 15 May 2014, failure to submit & to settle the tax payable before the deadline will result in penalty of at least 20%.


  1. Can i buy Notebook from Outside Malaysia (Overseas) then claim Income Tax in Malaysia ?

  2. Kalau saya lambat hantar tapi tidak kena tax, ada penalty kah? Dan hantar balik tahun 2010 sampai sekarang, tapi tak kena tax juga, ada penalty kah?

  3. Dear IRB Officer,

    May I know the tax rate payment for gratuity and retrenchment benefits. Gratuity & retrenchment benefits do not need to contribute to EPF. Is this income taxable?


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