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Corporate Secretarial Services in Malaysia

Corporate Secretarial Services in MalaysiaEvery company incorporated in Malaysia (sdn bhd), except for those large or public listed companies, will require external corporate secretarial services from the company secretarial firm.

The appointed company secretary will ensure the company complies with the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia.  Read More

Transfer of Shares: Why Do The New Shareholders’ Names Not Appear in SSM System?

There are many of our clients raised the same question: Why my name do not appear in the SSM System after the shares has been transferred to me under my name?

Our clients will discover this fact when they do the printout (company profile) of their company from the SSM online system.

Our answer is: the SSM system will not show new shareholders’ names but the old shareholders’ names.

How can this be happened? Read More

Why increase of paid-up capital need bank-in slip (Procedures for allotment of new shares)

We, as a company secretary, will normally request “bank-in slip” or “Deposit slip” from directors before proceed to prepare any relevant documents to increase the paid-up capital of the company.

We are unable to “HELP” the company to increase the paid-up capital without the produce of “bank in slip” from the directors.  Read More

My Company Identity Number (MyCoID) for all companies

My Company Identity Number (MyCoID) is the main component of the Business Registry System (BRS) under the National Registry System (NRS) development project introduced by Government. A Single Corporate Identity Number – MyCoID (My Company Identification) will be used to facilitate Business-to-Government (B2G) and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions.  Read More

3 things you need to know when you are using SSM online system

Search result from SSM Online system is not complete or comprehensive. Some name search may show there is no one using the name as no result is shown. However, no result does not mean no one is using it, it could be some other reasons the name has not been displayed.  Read More

SSM: Guidelines For Naming A Company in Malaysia


This guideline is applicable to all applications for registration of name for incorporation of a company or change of name of a company.  Read More

Code of Ethics for Company Secretaries in Malaysia


With more complex developments in company legislation and the creation of business collaborations to result in larger groups of companies, the role of a company secretary has evolved from just a normal employee to one who is far more important in any company.

A company secretary of today is a company officer who is endorsed with heavier responsibilities and a greater power, duties which demand for ethical behaviour from company secretaries at all times. Read More

Words you can’t use in your company’s name (unless approved by Minister)


There are some words required prior approval from the the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs or from the relevant government agencies before you can use it in your new company’s name.

The statutory provision under section 22(1) of the Act provides that, except with the consent of the Minister, a company shall not be registered by a name that, in the opinion of the Registrar, is undesirable or is a name, or a kind of name, that the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept for registration.  Read More

Sample of Board Resolution by a Sdn Bhd Company

Board ResolutionBelow is the sample of board resolution from the Board of Directors of a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia.

The board resolution has been passed by the Board to open bank account with Maybank for such conditions that the bank shall honour.

It is important to state clearly what are the decisions made by the Board of Directors in the resolution.   Read More

What is object clause? How does this affect the company’s operation and tax status?

The objects clause is set by the shareholders for directors to conduct the company’s businesses within provision of objects clause.

Technically to say, it will have no effect at all to the company’s operations and tax status if the businesses have been carried out in accordance with the objects clause.  Read More

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