Malaysia Ministry of Finance (MOF) open up a toll-free hotline 1-800-222-500 to answer enquiries and provide clarification in relation to RM500 cash aid for Malaysian earning RM3,000 or less a month.

Toll-free hotline : 1-800-222-500
Operation hour: 9:00am to 5:00pm (working day)
Email: [email protected]
Hotline start from: 7 December 2011 
Online form download:  click here to download the Registration Form

Bilik Operasi Bajet

Aras 10, Blok Tengah
Kompleks Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia
1-800-222-500 (Hotline)
03-8882 3786 (Faks)

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)
Ministry of Finance issued a FAQ in relation to RM500 cash aid, of which the content is very similar to the Media Release released earlier.

It also added that the registration form can also be downloaded from Ministry of Finance’s website However, as of 10 December 2011, the form does not appear to be available on MoF website yet.

Click here to view the MOF’s FAQ on RM500 cash aid.

We managed to obtain a hardcopy form and we uploaded here for reference. Should you wish to download the registration form, please visit MOF website to download the official form when it is available.

The official form is now available for download from MOF website.
Click here to download the RM500 cash aid registration form or here if case MOF website is inaccessible again.

Click here to download the Registration Form.

MOF’s Illustration of Household
Ministry of Finance also issued a illustration to explain which family members who are living in the same house are eligible for the cash aid.



Click here to view the MOF’s illustrations.

Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M)
Official MOF website on Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia.
Click here to access MOF website for more information.


  1. A man with family of four earn monthly income less than RM3000. This is including the income he get from rental from one of his room to his cousin with family of three who is also earn less than RM3000. In this case, how many person can apply for the cash assistance?

  2. @ Jane – Based on our understanding of the definition, household refers to family members, including parents, spouses and children who are staying in the same house. The cousin’s family is considered as another family or household, although they are staying in the same house.

    However, we would suggest you to call MOF hotline 1-800-222-500 to clarify the matters.

  3. Dear nbc
    i need to check for friend regarding the claim 500 for the family
    previously he has income more than 3k but from october 2011 now he is jobless till today and he is above 50 years of age can he claim for the fund of 500
    please reply
    thank you

  4. @Arthur. To be honest, we have no answer to your question as the guidelines issued by MOF is unclear on this area. When is the cut-off date for RM3,000 is based or whether it is based on latest monthly income? This has to be clarified with MOF via its hotline.

    Let’s discuss about this. The cash aid is intended for the poor who is (capable of) earning RM3,000 or less. In your friend’s case, based on the latest payslip (being the required supporting document) or based on last submitted tax return YA 2010 (being the available info available to IRB), it may not qualify.

    However, no harm contacting MOF to clarify if your friend is eligible.

  5. Photocopies of the original 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) form can be used to apply for the RM500 assistance under the initiative, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said today.

    “Photocopies of the original form can be used. So long as the format of the form remains unchanged, it is valid,” he told reporters here.

    He said many enquiries have been received following confusion over the use of photocopies of the form.

    Ahmad Husni advised the people not to panic and obtain the form distributed through the entrusted agencies.

    He said that up to last Thursday, the Inland Revenue Board had received two million BR1M application forms, and has begun processing the applications. The last date for submission of the forms is Jan 10, 2012.

    Ahmad Husni said the BR1M form would be published in the major newspapers on Monday and can be obtained from the website of the Finance Ministry as well.

    Those registered with e-Kasih of the Social Welfare Department will also receive the RM500 aid, he said.

    The minister advised the people to lodge police reports if they are approached by irresponsible people seeking payment and their bank account numbers for them to get the aid.

    The RM500 assistance to households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below was announced by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when he tabled Budget 2012 in the Dewan Rakyat in October. – Bernama

  6. KUALA LUMPUR, 14 DECEMBER 2011 – Those getting the RM500 one-off aid under the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) scheme will be informed via phone or letters.

    Inland Revenue Board corporate communications director Norazirah Mohd Said said they would receive a cash voucher with their names and MyKad numbers on it by the middle of next month. Norazirah said those who qualified would be notified by letters or phone calls. “Officers from the state secretariat offices in Barisan Nasional states will call or send letters to successful applicants based on the details given in the BR1M forms. Those in the opposition-led states will be notified by the federal Development Department officers of the results.

    “They can pick up the vouchers at a venue to be decided by the officers later,” she told the New Straits Times yesterday. She said the IRB was only responsible for the registration and form submission process.

  7. Can my father a retiree with no income receives the aid? My mother is a housewife while me still being single staying together with them, though my pay is more than RM3000.

  8. The form already filled in. May I know where should i submit the form? Your feedback I highly appreciate. Thank you.

  9. Hi, noted that we should submitted the form to the IRB office. But, is it the form shall be submitted to IRB office by the receipient himself / herself, or can ask others to submit on behalf?

  10. Hi Steph, I was told by my friend that he had helped his father to submit the form to IRB. His father is now staying in hometown and he is working in KL.

    For safety reason, you may contact IRB for clarification on this matter.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  11. Impartant News:

    LHDN has not appointed any party to accept registration from general public and All registration forms will be distributed FREE!

    Don’t believe any “Runner” or “Agent” that they can help you to take the cash faster & easier!


    For any inquiries, call LHDN directly!

    LHDN Customer Service Hotline: 1-300-88-3010

    Check it out for LHDN Hotline

  12. hi, im staying with both parents who are retired and my current job is sales. basic is not more than RM3k but if add in allowance and incentive, it is more than RM3k. can I still apply? the 3k salary requirement is referring to basic salary or total salary?

  13. Hi,
    Both my parents are senior citizens (70 years old) and they live on their own. They obviously do not have anymore income. Are they eligible for this aid?

  14. My unmarried sister who lives with my parents (above 60 years old) is earning less than RM3000. Is she considered the “ketua isi rumah” while my parents are her “tanggungan?” There has been conflicting statement saying that since she is a single, her less than RM3000 income is sufficient to support herself.

  15. Hi Lisa, they are definitely deserved for the aid. Please act fast to fill up the form with your father as the Ketua Family & submit to IRB. The due date is closing in.

  16. Hi ET, yes, your sister will be the “Ketua isi rumah” and your parents are her “tanggungan”.

    ET & Lisa, you may download the form in this webpage & fill up. IC of Ketua Isi rumah is a must.

    To make things fast, ET, attach your sister latest pay slip will be good idea.

  17. Thank you so much for your prompt and clear reply. We truly appreciate it and will act on it by this week. Is only 1 of our parent (eg; father only) entitled to the aid or do we fill in the form for both our parents (for father and mother)?

  18. Welcome, Lisa.

    Yes, only one from your family (your father) can be the “Ketua Isi Rumah” & to fill up the form. Not both.

    Please print out the form by Laser Printer to avoid any water ink fading. Normal inkjet is not encouraged.

  19. hi

    i work as a freelancer, so sometime got job and sometime dont, that makes my income not more than 3000 either. i would like to seek advice how and what do i need to prepare in order to submit for this application. since i do not have a pay slip and the amount is unstable, please let me know!

  20. Hi Darren, firstly, you have to check it out on the following:

    a. are you married?
    b. are you staying along? Do you need to support anyone in your house?

    If both answers are no, then you are not qualified.

  21. Can i Know the link for this result list? I heard that the result should be out somewhere this January. Thanks.

  22. @Blur, you are right, it should be out by this few days.

    @Lennex, I think this is the only method for the time being. I don’t think IRB will have enough resources to put it online for easier checking.

    Good luck, guys.


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