What Makes Most Differences Among The Investors?


The most differences between the average investors and rich investors are mental differences.

“If you want to be rich, just find out what everyone else is doing and do exactly the opposite”, said Rich Dad.

As we always hear in the stocks market, “buy when every one sell and sell when every buy”. It is applicable also to Investing in Real Properties.

As such, the most differences among the investors are the rich one like to think different.

For example:

1.  Most investors say “Don’t take risks.”  The rich investor takes risks.

2.  Most investors say “Diversify.” The rich investor focuses.

3.  The average investors tries to minimise debts. The rich investor increases debts.

4.  The average investors tries to decrease expenses. The rich investors knows how to recognise more expenses in making them rich.

5.  The average investors has a job & works hard. The rich investors works less and make more.


Rome was not built in ONE DAY! Rich investor was not rich when they were average investors! Investing is life long learning process and the following are the golden rules:

1.  Start invest now rather than later.

2.  Read more is better than hear more.

3.  Know who you are rather than knowing who is Warren Buffett.


(Examples above are quoted from “Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing”)

(Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)