How to succeed in business without having strong personal networks


Personal networking relationship play important roles in certain traditional businesses. However, it is not so true in some industries such as retail and internet businesses, the entry levels are in fact so low that you do not need any personal network to start off your business.

Your reputation in giving good services and products will be the key factors to make you the outstanding from the others in your field.

In business world, the most important factors to success in the business are price, services and sincerity. (not the colour of skin :))


Price Keep your price competitive (or low) enough but still command some profit, so you can service your clients/customers with happiness. In order to keep the price low, it is important to keep all costs of running your business low. To achieve that, you have to be effective and efficient. Try to know how your competitors do their business, think of ways to improve yours.


Services Serve your clients/customers with your best efforts to make them happy dealing with you. Give your best quality services to all your clients/customers. If they are happy with you, why will they not come back to you to do business with you again?


Sincerity Treat your clients/customers like your good friends and give sincere & honest advices to them. Tell them the truth, don’t lie or trick them. If you did that, they will find out later. You will lose them forever. Let your customers know you are trustworthy and they will want to do more business with you. Don’t ever sell inferior products at good quality product price. This will kill your business.


For example on how to deal with your customers:

“We have products which are good one and also normal one, those good one will be a bit of pricey but can last long; those normal one will be cheaper and quality will be Ok, but not as good as those expensive one.”

Then your customers will know what to choose and what to expect from you. Because they are the one who make the buying decision.

From there, build your reputation and relationship with your customers/clients, they will help you to promote your name.

All businesses are started from scratch, none of the big companies are already big when they started their businesses.

Wish all the best to all our friends that have started or about to start their businesses in Malaysia.


Small note:

This article was initially written as comment to a blog & I think this will bring good information for NBC community as well. As such, I have elaborated it with more information for your pleasure reading.  Hope you enjoy reading this article.