Another WOW again after MSM Malaysia….!!!!

Bumi Armada posted a strong listing debut at Bursa Malaysia when the share price opened at RM0.62 or 20% higher than its IPO price of RM3.03. Since then, the share price gradually moved upwards to close at its highest RM4.14, representing a surge of RM1.11 or 37% on its listing day.

The closing price RM4.14 has cheered a number of investors as this is well above most of the target price or fair value rated by the broker firms. 

IPO offer price RM
Institutional 3.03
Retail 3.03
First day trading price
Open price 3.65 20%
Lowest price 3.65 20%
Highest price 4.14 37%
Closing price 4.14 37%

Bumi Armada first day trading – price chart