Eligible recipients of 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), who have updated their bank account numbers with Inland Revenue Board, are expected to receive their BR1M Payments in February 2015.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the payment would be credited into the bank accounts of 5.4 million recipients on that day.

Receive Voucher if You Did Not Register Bank Account for BR1M

He said the remaining two million recipients who did not have bank accounts will receive their BR1M payment in stages starting on Feb 23.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah“The payments will be handed over to them at ceremonies to be held in all the 222 parliamentary constituencies,” he said at the Tambun parliamentary Chinese New Year open house at SJKC Pei Cheng, Chemor near here yesterday.

Husni said it might take some time to hand over payments to those without bank accounts as the number of recipients was high.

“It will take some time for us to make the payment,” he said.

Under the 2014 Budget which was announced by Najib in October last year, eligible recipients with an income of RM3,000 and below would receive RM650, while those earning between RM3,001 and RM4,000 monthly would get RM450.

The financial aid will also be given to singles aged 21 and above who earn RM2,000 and below.

On the negotiations for the proposed takeover of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) between the Finance Ministry and the two companies, Ahmad Husni said he could not predict when negotiations could be concluded.

“In terms of commercial decision, it must be a willing buyer and willing seller decision.

“We cannot anticipate when an agreement will be reached but I believe both parties will reach an agreement on the matter eventually.”

It was recently reported that the Finance Ministry was still negotiating over the pricing for the proposed takeover of the AES project from the two concessionaires and it was currently in the process of determining the amount for the takeover after a comprehensive process of due diligence.

Husni, however, declined to comment on a news report that the government had placed a valuation of about RM180mil each to take over the companies lock, stock and barrel, while the operators contend that their values should be double that or more.

Source: NewStraitTimes Online


  1. I’m one of eligible recipient of BR1M 3.0 but i have checked in my Maybank account that did not credited into my account for 3 days starting 22nd February.

  2. i have submit my br1m in online but i didnt receive my payment yet plz im not so rich im frm a poor family im waiting 4 reply 4 br1m… …. i called 2 br1m hotline many times toda n 1st they give me another num 2 call… and i kept trying for 3 hours n more …. the cuputer just kept on telling number busy …

  3. I’ve not received of my Br1m till today.so please advise me on this tq

  4. Thanks a loot to PM-Malaysia,BR1M-2014 its very helpfull to low income people.thanks again to BN governments

  5. saya nak tanya bagaimana br1m insuran ini boleh memberi bantuan?bolehkah memberi keterangan lebih lanjut?

  6. Sy Ada terima br1m tahun lalu n skg sy Ada kemaskini dengan masuk no maybank acc sy n tapi skg 9/3/14 sy tak terima wang tersebut n sy mahu Tanya kenapa ????

  7. boleh tayan ka kenapa brm ku z masu
    k a g ada. pasa ke 2 kaberapa hari bulan tu aq mau tau jak .

  8. My brim been approved. But I have given wrong account number..I need advise what should I do niw?

  9. To be honest, i’ve been waited till now still not received neither direct bank-in nor letter of notification, although i am qualifier for this appliation (already update bank account with prove).
    i got no way to appeal due to the phone never get through successfully.

    i am not sure if this is cheating or what, Please get someone to contact me immediately.

  10. P.m penipu.2 kali kami dpt rm500 tp brim kali ini hny dpt rm300 walaupun dah berkahwin.

  11. i have update my bank account but till today i have not received my br1m, as i am also a single mother

  12. I received the surat kelulusan and ask me go and collect on 12/03/2014 but i forgot to go. What should i do now?

  13. saya masih belum menerima duit BRIM 3.0 walaupun sudah kemaskini no. a/c. Apabila saya telefon hotline BRIM mereka sahkan a/c no. bank sudah ada dan kena tunggu. Saya seorang ibu tunggal yang masih menunggu dan check a/c hari-hari.

  14. My father still haven’t recive the BR1M until now { 21/3/14]…where we can check…pls let us know….tq

  15. Sampai sekarang br1m saya tak dapat pun.kata masuk langsung account ,check tak adapun.

  16. Can you pls enlighten me on this “A BR1M recipient who dies or has involved in any incident that caused the person to be unable to go to work, their families will receive RM30,000 financial aid” ? My father just past away and my family needs help..

  17. I have changed my bank account, how do I inform brim of my new account no.

  18. I have changed my bank account, how can I update Brim on my new bank account.


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