It was announced by Ministry of Finance (MOF) today that BR1M can now be applied from today (23 December 2013) up to 31 January 2014.

Those who have received BR1M in previous years can now update their latest particulars by visiting (Personal particulars include house address, bank account details and information on next-of-kin)

Successful applicants start received BR1M RM650 in February 2014

The BR1M 2014 payment will be made to the eligible applicants from February next year.br1m 2014

The BR1M 2014 application form can be obtained at the branch offices and service centres of the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN), Federal Development Department and Social Welfare Department or downloaded from the LHDN website at

New applications can be made online or manually

“New applicants can register online or manually by filling up the BR1M 2014 application form which can be obtained free of charge during the period,” it added.

Close to 5.9 million households as well as two million unmarried individuals in the country were expected to benefit from the exercise.

Contact Hotline

Telephone: 1-800-88-2716

Working Hours: Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm)

BR1M RM650 for Household & RM300 for Individuals

When tabling Budget 2014 in the Dewan Rakyat on Oct 25, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the BR1M 2014 payment for households with a total monthly income of RM3,000 and less will be raised from RM500 to RM650.

He also said that the payment for unmarried individuals aged 21 and above earning not more than RM2,000 a month would be increased from RM250 to RM300.

Old Folks Living Alone is entitled for BR1M RM650

People aged 60 and above and living alone would also receive a rise in the payment, from RM500 to RM650.

Takaful Insurance for Protection of Up To RM30,000 for successful BR1M recipients

Besides, a contribution of RM50 will be made to the 1Malaysia People’s Group Takaful Insurance or i-BR1M for all household recipients who will receive protection of up to RM30,000 in the event of death or permanent disability.

Source: New Straits Times Online

Apply your BR1M online here: nbc-hot6


  1. rujukan pada BR1M 3.0 bantuan rakyat 1malaysia,
    beralamat subang perdana good year court 1, usj 6/1 A-04-xxx
    poskod 47610 subang jaya selangor daarul ehsan,

  2. br1m 2.0 2013 telah dapat, namun br1m 3.0 tak mendapat?

  3. Dari brim pertama sampai bri 3.0 memohon tak pernah dapat daftar bujang pon tak….

  4. Daftar bujang tak dapat, daftar tangungan pon tak dapat, daftar macam mana boleh dapat, reaply please…..

  5. dri bujang sampai skrg apply br1m tak pernah dapat..gaji RM1700 sebulan.dh berkahwin tapi masih tak layak.bila apply LHDN hantar surat anda tak layak.tapi org lain gaji RM4000 sebulan layak terima br1m.tq government sebab perihatin menilai orang seperti kami yg gaji kecik..dah la gaji kecik apply br1m tak pernah dapat..

  6. Kanapa gia BR1M 2014 saya inda lulus.
    Aratan aku noh, ampat kali noh om mandaptar om aiso po gia hasil.
    Tulung saya gia gaman, sia mana pandai intinit takan takan ini kompiutah. Kalau kau tulung, sia kasi kau dua pulu lima persin. bukan dua puluh sin.

    Yang banar,
    Insan Biasa

  7. Hi, saya dah terima duit brim, tapi tak dapat RM650, hanya RM450?
    ape sebabnya?

  8. Tlg cek br1m sy. Sy dah daftar tp thn thun lepas ne x kemas kini je utk thn ne.mak sy pun same n xde
    Akaun bank mcm mane nk dpt br1m 2

  9. Tlg cek br1m sy. Sy dah daftar tp thn lepas x kemas kini je utk thn ne.mak sy pun same n xde
    Akaun bank mcm mane nk dpt br1m 2 die bgvaucher mcm
    mcn dlu x

  10. kawan punya mak dan adik kurang keupayaan, kalau mereka tak bagi bank akaun nombor. BRIM akan hantar surat tak?

  11. saya dah terima br1m 3.0, tapi saya hanya dapat rm450.00. pendapatan sebulan saya adalah 1500.00 sahaja.sepatutnya saya harus dapat rm650.00 tapi saya hanya terima rm450.00.kenapa?

  12. Saya pernah terima rm 500 dua Kali ,tapi kenapa terima rm 450 Sahaja Kali ini

  13. i’m waiting for my BR1M wether in account or cash for still dont have.why so late one?all people got it already and this is my 3rd time for it possibility that i will not get br1m?oh no…..

  14. Why till now my father (Ch’ng Chee Poh) aged 68 haven’t received BRIM total RM650. Kindly check when can my father receive it. Thank you

  15. i applied for brim 25 jan 2014 for the first time and i didnt get it

  16. jika pasangan saya meninggalkan dunia bolehkah saya mendapatkan tuntutan???manakala saya adalah pemohon~~


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