Malaysian Government is progressively releasing the RM500 cash aid to its people since January 2012. However, some applications were rejected due to incorrect, incomplete or insufficient information given or attached with the application submitted.

You may appeal the case with MOF by giving more information and supporting documents or evidence (such as pay slip). All you need to do is to fill up the appeal form and submit to the nearest LHDN offices together with the relevant supporting documents.

Download appeal form here: 

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  1. i 56 years old i do not uderstand that why imalaysia rm500 rejected my form meanwhile my dauother (anak) also apply rm500 she never change her address as same as my address. currently she staying damansara damai . what i should do. please answer thanks.

  2. Hi Valliammah, sorry for late reply.

    The application will normally be rejected if there are more than 2 applications using the same address.

    You may appeal the case by attaching the relevant supporting documents such as water/electricity bill (which must be under your name), or if rented, then the tenancy agreement.

    Then get your daughter to appeal with separate address.

    Wish you best.

  3. My father Moo Kim [email protected] Kim Thiam(ic no:380924-10-5281) age 74 was not entitle to get the BR1M due to “tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan”.as per the letter,we unable to know further info about the reason why the application was declined.he is retire, and the application is fully full up wth the information required.need your advise on this,can i appeal for this. Kindly assist!

  4. hi Angelina, good day!
    My mom Phang Kim Pah with her ic num:501014-07-5130, age 62, received letter from BR1M on 02/02/2012, inform her BR1M RM500 cash aid application was not approved because of ” Tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan”.

    I contact with Talian Utama Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia for more details why my mom can’t get BR1M RM500 cash aid. The operator told me there is a technical error from the system she checked after i provide her the ic num.

    She never tell me what technical error it is but just asked me to get another photostat ic together with the appeal form, send to any nearby of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia.

    When i went to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia to appeal on behalf of my mother the BR1M RM500 cash aid application, the staff again check through my mother letter and told me that is a problems with JPN.

    He asked me get another photostat copy of the letter BR1M that my mom received and photocopy of IC then submit to him but without telling me what is the actual problem and didn’t request me to fill up the appeal form.

    After a week my mother called me and told me she realized that the letter she received from BR1M, her ic written in the letter was wrong to 501014075120 (the correct ic num was 501014-07-5130) So, is that the error problems that she couldn’t get BR1M RM500 cash aid?

    I am wondering why the officer didn’t check the IC number and details properly since we got a proof of photocopy ic when they proceed to approve citizen to get BR1M RM500 cash aid?

    I already did appeal for my mother last few days, so will they check properly against the Ic number? or should i need to fill up the appeal form with the correct IC num? Appreciate if you could assist me on this issues.

  5. Good day, Keow,

    Seems like there are numerous errors from MOF in rejecting the aid application.

    My brother-in-law who was forced retired at age 49 due to illness and is currently receiving SOCSO compensation were also rejected by MOF stating reason of “Tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan”.

    I will advise you to appeal with the correct IC no. to avoid any further delay in approving your case. Please do attach the photocopy IC with highlight to her IC no.

  6. Eva Moo, please try to appeal the case with more supporting documents such as attaching your father’s IC & declaration letter from your father stating his currently status.

    Hope this will help.

  7. Hi Angelina, I have a brother who is 52 years old and not working due to health problems.He is currently receiving financial aid from the Welfare Department (RM150 per month).Is he eligible for the BR1M..?

  8. Until now 29 feb 2012 still no has any letter inform me that my RM500 reject or approve, so i call to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia, mana tau, no has any record at there, i gave the operator my mum IC, no record. My sis IC, no record, mine also no record. Whay?

  9. I received a letter to tell me that my application had been approved and that i should claim my RM 500 on certain date but the problem is i am not in Malaysia now and so what should i do?

  10. i want to know if this person can get the rm500 ringgit she is 63 years old . Lai Nyit June plz reply me cause i want to know if she is qulifly to get it or not

  11. Hi, May i know is there any extention of deadline RM500 cash aid application? as i heard is extend to 15 May 2012. Can the form be downloaded as the IRB branch is quite far. Appreciate your urgent reply. Thx

  12. i’m loges here, i got send my form br1m to lembaga hasil but until now i did get any news about my br1m rm 500 pls check for me my ic num is 830911-07-5568 logeswari a/p nadarajan

  13. Hi,how to submit the form?i print out ready but where should i send it?can i have the address please.thank you.

  14. wf saya sblum ni borang kna reject tp x pasti mungkin alamat dlm i/c x sama dengan alamat mnetap skarang..adakah alamat dlm i/c @alamat mnetap skarang yg perlu saya masukkan??

  15. I’m a single mother with 2 kids. i think my application was rejected because the combined household income in the first round was >rm3000. but now my son has resigned and is doing his Phd in Germany. My daugher is working in KL. Our current combined income is still more than RM3000 but she is not staying with me.
    Question – how can i appeal this time? the reason is because i am staying alone here and my salary is < RM3000m amd my daughter is not
    able to suppport me as her salary is not enuf for her in KL too.
    – is there a chance that my appeal will be success?
    thanks in advance for your help

  16. can someone please let me have the website on applying for appeal br1m,cse my application is rejected.


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