Malaysians look forward for Budget 2011


budget-2011Companies, businessmen as well as individuals are looking forward to the measures to be announced on this Friday, Oct 15, the Budget Day.

What we can expect from Budget 2011?

Announcement of Tenth Malaysian Plan projects?

Kuala Lumpur Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project?

Iskandar projects in Johor?

Economic Transformation Program measures to drive the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)?

Loan-to-value cap ratio from 90% to 80%?

Implementation of the goods and services tax?

Individuals tax cut or more tax relief?

More tax incentives or tax exemptions for corporate?

Datuk Hafsah Hashim, CEO of Small and Medium Enterprise Corp Malaysia (SME Corp) is looking for more added focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Budget 2011.

“I hope the government will be sensitive towards the needs of the SMEs”

So, what is your wishlist for the upcoming Budget 2011?