In order to obtain any government projects or jobs, the very first thing you need to do is to register your company with Ministry of Finance (MOF), or commonly known as to apply MOF license.

While you can engage consultants who are specialised in helping their clients to apply MOF licenses to handle the whole application for your company, you may try to apply directly from the MOF using the following links:

In order to obtain MOF license, the following are needed to be submitted as supporting documents:

  1. Latest 3 months Bank statements
  2. Latest 3 months KWSP statements
  3. Company profile stating the details of all directors & shareholders
  4. 1 sets certified true copied form 49, 24, 44, M&A and Borang 9
  5. 1 copy certified true copied for Board Resolution that open bank account
  6. Kod Bidang for the businesses
  7. Photocopy IC for all directors
  8. Relevant academic certificates for directors, if any
  9. Commissioner for Oaths / Attestation on all relevant academic certificates
  10. S&P for office (if purchase) or Tenancy Agreement for office (if rented)

Upon successfully register your company via (MOF license application official website), you are required to submit all relevant supporting documents to the MOF counter at Putrajaya.

Generally, it will take only a week to obtain the license from MOF, provided that all documents are in place & in order.


  1. If my company is homebased and one man show I will not have KWSP contributions.
    Will this mean I don’t qualify to apply for mof registration? Also it is new.
    Please advise
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir,

    We want to apply for MOF certificate. Can you please update us regarding the procedure and charges if you provide an assistance.

    Neil Bab

  3. Dear Sir / Madam
    We are interested to apply MOF Registration / Certificate, please provide us all details regarding procedure, time frame, and your fee
    Your early reply will be highly appreciable for us
    With Best Regards
    Zahid Habib
    Saira Resources Sdn Bhd

  4. Hi. Our company would like to apply for Mof license. Can non-Bumi company apply this? Do you provide services helping others to apply?

    • Hi Allan, thanks for the inquiry. Non-Bumi company can apply register themselves with MOF subject to the standard requirements as stated above.

      Currently, we do not provide services in assisting clients to register MOF for their companies and you may apply directly with MOF as MOF is responding very fast to the application.


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