baselendingrateblrOn 5 May 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia in its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting decided to raise the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 25 basis points to 3.00 percent.

Domestic headline inflation has continued to increase, rising to 3% in March to average 2.8% for the first quarter of 2011. The increase was mainly due to higher food and fuel prices. The assessment is that supply factors will continue to be a key determinant affecting consumer prices. Global commodity and energy prices are projected to remain elevated during the year, with inflation in major trading partners also expected to rise further. There are also some signs that domestic demand factors could exert upward pressure on prices in the second half of the year.

Since 26 April 2004, banking institutions are allowed to determine their own lending rates on all credit facilities and loan products (with some exceptions) based on internal considerations. While Base Lending Rate (BLR) will remain as the primary reference rate used in the pricing of credit facilities and loan products, banking institutions also have the flexibility to determine the choice of reference rates, other than BLR, in accordance with their business strategy, portfolio management and market competitiveness.

Base Lending Rates (BLR) of Banking Institutions in Malaysia:

No.Banking InstitutionWith Effect FromBLR (% p.a.)
1Affin Bank Berhad12/5/20116.60
2Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad13/05/20116.60
3Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad13/07/20106.30
4AmBank (M) Berhad13/05/20116.60
5Bangkok Bank Berhad13/05/20116.60
6Bank of America Malaysia Berhad13/07/20106.30
7Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad12/5/20116.55
8Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Malaysia) Berhad11/5/20116.25
9CIMB Bank Berhad11/5/20116.60
10Citibank Berhad16/05/20116.60
11Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad13/05/20116.50
12EON Bank Berhad13/05/20116.60
13Hong Leong Bank Berhad13/05/20116.60
14HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad12/5/20116.60
15J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad15/07/20106.20
16Malayan Banking Berhad11/5/20116.60
17OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad12/5/20116.60
18Public Bank Berhad11/5/20116.60
19RHB Bank Berhad11/5/20116.60
20Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad13/05/20116.60
21The Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad16/05/20116.60
22The Royal Bank of Scotland Berhad15/07/20106.00
23United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad12/5/20116.60

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Overnight Policy Rate (OPR)

Table below shows the OPR changes since 2004 until todate:


Change in OPR (%)

New OPR level (%)

May 5, 2011


July 8, 2010


May 13, 2010


March 4, 2010


February 24, 2009


January 21, 2009


November 24, 2008


April 26, 2006


February 22, 2006


May 26, 2004