GST Briefing, Training & Seminar by NBC Group (8-11-2014)

NBC had conducted a 2-hours GST Briefing & Introduction (Chinese Session) for selected NBC clients.

NBC had invited clients that have been with NBC for more than 10 years to attend this free GST Briefing & Introduction in way to thank for their continually supports in NBC services. Due to limited seats available, only small group of lucky clients were invited & attended.

Having the right GST knowledge is a step in managing the risks and improving compliance for the upcoming new GST System. This will in turn help to avoid unnecessary GST audits, time and resources needed to rectify GST errors and penalties for filing incorrect GST returns.

The majority of GST errors are often due to the lack of knowledge of the GST rules and regulations. NBC’s GST Briefing provide an excellent platform to view GST afresh and to keep abreast of any changes.

Our future workshops will focus in providing valuable insights into major GST risk areas and common errors

If you would like to participate in our future training/seminars/workshops, please email [email protected] indicating your interest and we will inform you when the seminar/workshop is available for registration.