SOCSO: Contribution Table & Rates (Jadual Caruman SOCSO)


A company is required to contribute SOCSO for its staff/workers according to the SOCSO Contribution Table & Rates as determined by the Act.

The company will pay 1.75%  while the staff/workers’ will contribute 0.5% of their wages for the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme and the Invalidity Pension Scheme.

Both the rates of contribution are based on the total monthly wages paid to the employee and contributions should be made from the first month the employee is employed.

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SOCSO Contribution Rates & Table (Jadual Caruman SOCSOnbc-hot

SOCSO: Education Loan Benefits

SOCSO Education Loan Benefit is an educational facility in the form of loans or scholarships given to dependent children of an insured person who receives regular interest payments and meets the eligibility requirements set by SOCSO.


The applicant must be a dependent child of an insured person who: –

  1. Dies as a result of an employment injury and meets the eligibility requirements of Dependents Benefit (DB), or
  2. Dies due to unspecified causes before the age of 55 years and meets the eligibility requirements of the Survivor

SOCSO: Return To Work Programme

The Return To Work Programme (RTW) was first introduced by SOCSO in 2007. It is a comprehensive rehabilitation programme using case management studies to assist employees suffering from disability due to injury or illness to recover and rejoin the workforce earlier.

The success of the Return To Work Programme is entirely dependent on good case management. Case management is defined as the involvement of case managers in each case in this programme from the beginning to the end, so that it is run professionally and systematically to ensure that the objectives of rehabilitation and returning to work are achieved.

The Return To Work recovery process involves several ranks of disciplines. This process differs from one individual to another and hence is not standardised. Each case involves an initial assessment made in advance by the Case Manager to identify the individual

SOCSO: Invalidity Pension Scheme

Invalidity is defined as a serious disablement or morbid condition of a permanent nature that is either incurable or not likely to be cured, as a result of which an employee is unable to earn at least 1/3 of what a normal able person could earn.

The benefits provided under the Invalidity Scheme are:-
• Invalidity Pension
• Invalidity Grant
• Constant Attendance Allowance
• Survivor’s Pension
• Funeral Benefit
• Rehabilitation Benefit
• Education Benefit

SOCSO: Employment Injury Insurance Scheme

Employment Injury Scheme provides protection to employees who suffer from accidents arising from work.

Employment injury means personal injury to an employee caused by an accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment in an industry to which this act applies. Read More

Types and Categories of SOCSO Contributions

The employer must remit the monthly SOCSO contribution according to the rates stated in the SOCSO Contribution Schedule in the following month and according to the types and categories of SOCSO contributions.

SOCSO contribution is compulsory for all employees from the first month the employees are employed. Read More

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