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SOCSO: Employment Injury Insurance Scheme

Employment Injury Scheme provides protection to employees who suffer from accidents arising from work.

Employment injury means personal injury to an employee caused by an accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment in an industry to which this act applies.

Employment Injury Insurance Scheme Coverage

The Employment Injury Scheme protects employees from:

1) Accidents which occur while in the course of the work.

  • Accident which occurs while working at the work place and was caused by the employee’s job.

2) Accidents which occur while traveling

  • On a route between his place of residence and his place of work.
  • On a route between his place of work and the place where he takes his meal during any authorized recess.
  • On a journey made for any reason which is directly connected to his employment. (on condition the accident does not occur during any interruption or deviation of the journey).

3) Accident during an emergency

  • Accident which occurs during an emergency at the employer’s premises while in the course of assisting, rescuing, or protecting other people from disasters such as a fire breakout.

4) Occupational Disease

  • Disease that results from his occupation. The list of diseases and cause agent can be found in the Fifth Schedule of the Employee’s Social Security Act, 1969.

• Loss of hearing due to exposure to continuous excessive noise.
• Respiratory diseases or industrial asthma as result of exposure to dust for employees in sawmills, powder factories, flour mills and others.

• Medical Benefit
• Temporary Disablement Benefit
• Permanent Disablement Benefit
• Constant attendance Allowance
• Rehabilitation Benefit
• Dependent’s Benefit
• Funeral Benefit
• Education Benefit

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