Types and Categories of SOCSO Contributions

The employer must remit the monthly SOCSO contribution according to the rates stated in the SOCSO Contribution Schedule in the following month and according to the types and categories of SOCSO contributions.

SOCSO contribution is compulsory for all employees from the first month the employees are employed.

Types and Categories of SOCSO Contributions

First Category (Employment Injury Scheme And Invalidity Pension Scheme)
This is applicable for employees aged below 60. The company will pay 1.75%  while the staff/workers’ will contribute 0.5% of their wages for the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme and the Invalidity Pension Scheme.

Second Category (Employment Injury Scheme Only)
  1. For employees above 60 years of age and still working.
  2. For employees above 55 years of age when first registered and contributed to SOCSO;
  3. For an Insured Person receiving Invalidity Pension who is still working and receiving wages which is less than1/3 of the average monthly wage before invalidity.Under this category contributions are only paid by the employer for protection under the Employment Injury Scheme.
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