New Company Registration in Malaysia

Register Sdn Bhd Company at RM1,460 only!

Register your new company in Malaysia with SSM in less than 8 days and start your business right away!

We are No.1 company registration professional firm in Malaysia, our experienced and dynamic team can help you on your day-to-day business requirements!

We have done it for more than 2,000 companies & Company Registration in Malaysia has never been so EASY!

Our total fee and disbursement for registering and setting up a new company(Sdn Bhd) with SSM Malaysia is now at RM1,460 only.

Yes, our New Price is only RM1,460/- !!! Best Company Registration in Malaysia


Call us: 03-7729 7018  (Ms Lau / Cik Asma)
Email us: (Malaysian) [email protected]
…………..(Foreigner) [email protected]
Address: click here for map to NBC office

Try out FREE Name Search Online and do a quick check of your preferred company name(s), before making official name application with SSM.

You are required to take up our Premium Package to enjoy above promotional price. Please call us to request FULL Proposal from us for more details!

Our package includes the following:

  1. Company Name Search with SSM Malaysia(1 name only)
  2. Appointment of 2 new directors
  3. 2 shareholders
  4. Authorised capital of RM400,000
  5. Issued & Paid up capital (RM2 to RM2,500)
  6. Preparation and Stamping of Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
  7. Minutes for the First Board of Directors meeting
  8. Submission of Form 49, 44 & 24 to SSM after registration
  9. Use of our office as your registered office
  10. Board resolution for opening bank account & internet account
  11. Registration fee of RM1,000 payable to SSM for registration of authorised capital amounting to RM400,000.
  12. Stamping charges & disbursement of RM200 for M&A of the company.

Call us now at 03-7729 7018 (Ms. Lau / Cik Asmanewpromo

New Company Registration Time Table:

 1 Company name search with SSM Malaysia 1-2
 2 Once name approved by SSM , we will prepare full set of registration documents  1
 3 Signing of documents by all directors & shareholders in NBC office  1
 4 Stamping of M&A by LHDN and Submission to SSM  3-6
 5 Issuance of Digital Incorporation Certificate by SSM  1
 6 Submission of First form (Form 24, 44 & 49)  1
Total minimum working days required  8-12

Note: The above timetable is merely estimated based on NBC’s past experiences dealing with SSM and it is largely subject to any delay from SSM and availability & stability of SSM’s MyCoID online system.

What we need from you are:

  1. Proposed name of your new company
  2. Business activities of your new company
  3. Photocopy of all directors’ & shareholders’ I/C or Passport
  4. Latest residential addresses of all directors (if different from IC)
  5. Paid-up capital information (min RM2 or max RM2,500)
  6. Percentage of shareholding of each shareholders.

Get ready the above and email to us, your company is on its way to be registered with SSM within 8 working days!

Note: Please request full proposal from us for complete information and details of company registration in Malaysia.

Call us now at 03-7729 7018 (Ms. Lau / Cik Asmanewpromo

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Why we can offer you at this price, RM1,460?

  1. We have been in the business for more than 15 years, all costs are now running at the most effective way & with high efficiency, thus we want to reward our clients for their continous supports.
  2. The usage of latest technologies & customised secretarial softwares by NBC Group.
  3. We do think you should deserve the quality support services when you are about to start your important business, this is the first step to make us known to you. Trust us, you will find out more from us.

Company Registration in Malaysia at only RM1,460 has never been so easy! Cheapest & Best in Town, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia!

The above promotional price is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for details & to confirm on the price. (Terms & conditions apply)

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