What Wages Are Subject To SOCSO Contribution?

Wages That Subject To SOCSO Contribution

Not all wages payments to staff/workers are subject to SOCSO contribution and there are certain wages excluded from SOCSO contribution.

Wages subject to SOCSO contribution:

All renumeration or wages stated below and payable to staff/workers are subject to SOCSO contributions:

  1. Salary / Wages (full/part time, monthly/hourly)
  2. Overtime payments
  3. Commission
  4. Paid leave (annual, sick and maternity leave, rest day, public holidays)
  5. Allowances
  6. Service Charge

Wages NOT subject to SOCSO contribution:

The following wages or remuneration payable to staff/workers are NOT subject to SOCSO contribution:

  1. Payments by employer to any pension or provident fund for employees
  2. Mileage claims
  3. Gratuity payment(s) for dismissal or retrenchments
  4. Annual bonus

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