tax-reliefAs announced in Budget 2014 and to increase the disposable income of the middle income group, a special one-off personal tax relief of RM2,000 will be given to resident tax payers earning up to RM8,000 a month (aggregate income up to RM96,000 a year).

This will give a tax saving up to RM480 depending on the amount of tax payable after taking into consideration all the deductions.

This special one-off personal tax relief of RM2,000 is given for one year, i.e. year of assessment 2013 only. You may deduct this special tax relief when you are submitting your 2013 tax return by April 2014.


  1. I’m new in this e-filing and a bit ignorant in putting imput on how to fill up the tax nor being advice about closing dates of the e-filling. Before this I just follow the EA form, summit together what require and then I received a letter indicate that my salary does not require tax form returned few years back.

    Last year I register for e-filling to be on the safe side, so that I feel secure on my doubt. At that summition there where no taxs were charge, unsure now on the annoucement made by the Prime Minister on Salary below Rm4000.00 tax examption.

    1. Do I need to summit the e-filling if my salary below Rm4000.00.
    2. What is the closing date of this e-filling as sometime being extended
    3. What salary scale do someone need to summit the tax report.

    Thank you

    • Hi Ismail, e-filing is in fact quite easy to use, just follow step by step after you login. You can’t jump to next page before completing the current page.

      If your salary is above RM3,000, you may subject to tax & need to submit your tax return via e-filing, in your case.

      One more thing, once your have registered with LHDN & have been given an income tax number, you will need to report your tax return every year, whether you are subject to income tax or not, or whether you have any income or not.


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