The 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) will be distributed for the second time and this has been announced that a payment of RM500 (instead of RM250 after much clarification in the news) will be given to households earning less than RM3,000 per month.

In addition to the above,  those who are single unmarried and aged 21 and above but earning not more than RM2,000 a month will also be entitled for the BR1M RM250 Aids.

RM3bil is allocated to be paid out early next year under BR1M 2.0 and this round would benefit 4.3 million households and 2.7 million single unmarried individuals.

Existing BR1M recipients will not be required to register for the second time, while new applicants could register beginning November 2012 via online or at the counters of state development offices, district offices and Inland Revenue Board offices nationwide.

The first payout under BR1M benefited 4.3 million households and involved a government allocation of almost RM2.16bil.

1 Oct 2012 – Finance Ministry: BR1M 2.0 not for tertiary students

Tertiary students aged 21 and above are not entitled to the RM250 under the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) 2.0 which is meant for single unmarried people aged 21 and above earning less than RM2,000 per month, the Finance Ministry clarified Monday.

The students were, however, entitled to receive the 1Malaysia Book Voucher to be given out a second time, with the sum raised by RM50 to RM250, to benefit 1.3 million students nationwide. – The Star

2 Oct 2012 – BR1M 2.0 payouts from January 2013

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai said, the government would make a separate announcement on BR1M 2.0 within the next two weeks. Application forms are expected to be distributed by the end of this month to facilitate payouts that would take place in January.

He said those who have registered and received the previous payout need not register again. “Those who feel they were eligible but were unsuccessful for various reasons would have to put in fresh applications,” he said.

On the RM250 book voucher, Lim said university students who had applied for the previous handouts would not be eligible for BR1M 2.0. He said the government would vet all applications to avoid double payments.  – The Malay Mail

See below the full speech in Budget 2013 for the above provision:

Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M)

134. This is a people’s Government, from the rakyat to the rakyat. The prosperity of the nation and the well-being of the rakyat is our ultimate objective. The Government will not take any action that will jeopardise the future of the people. Others make empty promises; offer free goods and debts that need not be repaid; and promise the moon and the heavens just to gain power. However, as the Minister of Finance, I will not hide the truth though it may be painful. In short, this Government will not mislead the rakyat.

135. In this respect, the Government is currently undertaking a subsidy rationalisation initiative and gradually shift the provision of the bulk of subsidies that lead to leakages, and benefit the high-income group, to targeted subsidies under this principle. In reality, subsidies continue to be given to groups that truly need the subsidies. If the Government continues to provide the bulk of subsidies, it will adversely affect the financial position of the country, and causing the rakyat to bear the consequences, as has been in other countries. As a responsible Government, we will never allow this to occur.

136. In line with the move towards targeted subsidy, the Government is committed in ensuring every segment of the society is able to enjoy the wealth of the nation.  This can only occur if the economy continues to record sustainable growth and the nation is able to generate income, I am glad to announce the distribution of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M 2.0). The criteria remains the same, where the head of the household earning less than RM3,000 is eligible for the assistance. In addition, I am pleased to announce that this assistance will be extended to single unmarried individuals aged 21 and above and earning not more than RM2,000 a month. This assistance amounts to RM250.

137. As the matter of fact, the assistance to household and single unmarried individuals is not a populist move, but the reflection of a Government that is responsible and capable of managing the nation’s finance prudently. This will benefit 4.3 million households and 2.7 million single unmarried individuals and involve an allocation of RM3 billion. It will be paid effective January 2013. To facilitate implementation, existing BR1M recipients are not required to register for the second time, while new applicants may register commencing November 2012 via online or at the counters of State Development Offices, District Offices and Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) offices nationwide.


  1. Hi Kenny, you may apply with nearest LHDN offices & fill up the forms starting from November 2012.

    You may need to attach some supporting documents.

    You may click on the Pink Box on the right sidebar and look at the bottom of articles where a form was given online by LHDN last year.

    I think the form should be similar but please wait for the latest form as the conditions are slight changed this year.

  2. My mother missed out the last year’s BR1M RM500, luckily still got 2nd round. Will try to apply this round when the form is ready. Looking forward.

    Heard the news yesterday, deputy finance minister said those first time apply for this 2nd RM500 cannot retro claim last year’s RM500. Past is past.

  3. @mei, we believe BR1M RM250 and book voucher RM250 are mutual exclusive. An eligible person can only entitle to one benefit.

    Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai said university students who had applied for the previous book voucher RM200 would not be eligible for BR1M 2.0.

    He said the government would vet all applications to avoid double payments.

  4. I heard BR1M RM250 is for those already working and Book Voucher RM250 is for those still studying.

    But how about i am working partime while I am in fact studying at college? Can I get both?

  5. I heard BR1M RM250 is for those already working but how about I am a fresh graduate and is unemployed now? I couldn’t apply for anything?

  6. hi.when i can apply BR1M 2.0?
    Last year got apply already ,now also want to fill up the form or not?

  7. @ Ting, you can try on it since you have already graduated.

    @Yuki, Chua & Alice, the form is ready by today and the form can be obtained from the nearest LHDN offices.

    Alice, for those who had successfully received BR1M last year do not need to apply again. The 2nd RM500 cash will automatically be awarded.

  8. Hi Angelina, i wish to ask more information for the BR1M RM250 for above 21 years old, single. It says that the eligibility of the working individual is his/her monthly salary cannot be not more than RM2,000.

    Wish to ask, the “not exceeding RM2,000″ means the basic pay (before EPF & socso), or after & socso not exceeding RM2,000?

  9. Hi, my aunt is 59 years old this year, married, non working. Which category is she in? Is she eligible for the “bantuan 1 Malaysia”? If yes, how can i go for online? Thanks.

  10. I studying diploma in a small college, so can i still get book voucher RM250?
    Can I get BR1M RM500 register form online?
    anybody help please?

  11. Hallo there ! I wanna ask would them sent a confirmation letter for my mom for Br1m 2.0 ?? Cause my mom already get from Br1m 1.0 .. I shud go to office for the confirmation letter or it will sent to my house ?? >.<

  12. Hi may i know how to confirm that ady registered thru ebr1m? How to check it? tks!

  13. Last sunday i saw a advertisement regarding a household have 3 childrens under 21 years old also can apply RM500, how? where can check?

  14. Is the latest form updated already? Could you please send it to my e-mail? Thanks a lot.

  15. the post through the email or direct send to my house address? is it have a letter to us? May i know what is IRB?

    • Hi Adeline, the result will be delivered to your house address by normal post.

      Sorry, IRB stands for Inland Revenue Board (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri). Income tax department.

  16. How am i notified for BR1MA 2.0 collection if I am formerly a BR1MA 1.0 recipient and entitled to receive BR1MA 2.0

  17. How can I check whether I have entitled to this programs? I has already submit online…

    • Amy, there is no way except you can try to call IRB (from what I know, the hotline is extremely busy these few days and you will be lucky enough if you can get in), or else, you have to wait for the result from IRB.

  18. Sorry you didn’t answer my question. I know that I am entitled for BR1MA v2.0 but HOW AM I NOTIFIED. Is it by post or thru’ Jawatankuasa Kecil Keselamatan Kampong (JKKK)?

  19. I am formerly a BR1MA 1.0 recipient, will I be notified by letter thru post about the collection?

  20. Macam mana saya hendak menyemak br1m saya sebab saya kol tidak dapat saya e-mail pun tidak dapat

  21. Hi, can i hv the website to search for my name so that i know where to collect my voucher?(SABAH N-16)

  22. Want to ask, now still can apply BR1M 250?
    Can register online?
    This year I’m 22 (10/1991)


  23. Hi, my mum received a letter of $500 but the date 17/2/2013 at Segambut,KL and missed the date of collection and called many times to BN Segambut and nobody pick up the phone. Can she collect the $500? if yes, where she can collect? Thanks.

  24. Hi
    my mum too received a letter of RM500 dated 25/02/2013 at Kuala Lumpur but she still at overseas and will be back only in month May. Is it possible her daughter can collect on behalf her to collect the cash? How?

  25. i teksi driver apply for this rm 500 tapi dapat email say

    Tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan.

    apa maksud yah ?

  26. Dear Angelina
    good day :)
    My name is Devi i just received BR1M 2.0 letter from LHDN under Kota Tinggi Johor area ..i was received on 22/03 but the collection date was mentioned on 15/03 – 17/03 so how i still can collect the money rite ? please confirm … if my husband collect on behalf me as im working .. please comment

  27. Mary [email protected] Mee Yen

    I want to register my name to collect rayat RM500?


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