The RM4.6 billion allocation for the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) next year will be disbursed by February 2014.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the amount allocated for BR1M 2014 had increased because of the rising number of recipients.

The payout will involve seven million people, an increase from last year’s 6.8 million.

Husni said the ministry was studying ways to distribute the aid more efficiently.

7 Million People will receive BR1M RM650Second Finance Minister

“We are undertaking studies on how to continue with BR1M and in what form. We hope by 2015, we can introduce a new model and link it to the government’s subsidy rationalisation,” he said after launching Malaysia Debt Venture Bhd’s RM200 million intellectual property fund scheme, here, yesterday.

Apply your BR1M before 31 January 2014

The ministry announced recently that the BR1M 2014 application was open to those who had never registered before, from Dec 23 to Jan 31 next year.

Those who have received the aid before need only to update their personal details, such as address, bank account numbers and data of next of kin.

New applicants can register online at the Inland Revenue Board website or fill up the BR1M 2014 application form. The form can be obtained at IRB branch offices and service centres as well as Federal Development Department and Welfare Services Department.

Husni said the government wanted people to get higher salaries over the long term instead of BR1M or book vouchers for students.

“What we are doing is to ensure that investments can be injected into high-technology industries so that more jobs can be created, thus increasing household incomes.”

Source: New Straits Times Online


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  1. My mom is 93 years old. She is not mobile. She does not have a bank account and she cant go to bank and open a bank account and for any further transaction. Have pity on these golden senior citizens. How can they register for BRIM RM650? Can she use my bank account no? The last time I went to collect on her behalf. Please let me know how to apply for my mom this time?

  2. hi, saya nak tanya mau macam mana wang Rm650.00 terus online saya punya acc …saya boleh ajar saya tak ?? tq

  3. Brim.yg melalui akaun dimasukkan secara berperingkat atau semua dah masuk saya xdapat lagi

  4. Hi, Just want to know how to submit my bank account number to them.
    Thanks for your time.

  5. Selamat Pagi tahun lalu sy Ada terima br1m 1.0 n tahun sy Cuma kesmakini maklumat keluarga n no Maybk acc sy n sampai skg 10/3/14 wang tidak masuk dlm acc sy n sy mahu Tanya kenapa ???n bila dpt terima wang tersebut


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