Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni HanadzlahRegistration for the 1Malaysia People’s Assistance Scheme 2.0 will end on 15 March 2013, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah today.

Application from the People who are eligible but have yet to apply for the aid will still be accepted. 

“We are giving another month to allow those who have not registered, to do so. The government’s philosophy in the context of the BR1M is to ensure that all eligible Malaysians receive the BR1M,” he told reporters after delivering his keynote address at the Inaugural Treasury Economic Forum 2013 here.

Ahmad Husni said 7.3 million applications or almost all the eligible recipients have already registered.

However, he said, the Inland Revenue Board while in the process of determining whether an individual was eligible for the assistance, found that there were those who had applied twice.

“We will set aside one application and only one will be processed,” he said. — BERNAMA

Source: NewStraitsTimes


  1. Hi Angelina Ariel,

    I was employed as a HR & Admin Manager with this MSC Status company called Nov******* Sdn Bhd, some 2 years ago (i.e until Sept 2011). I pushed for EPF contribution for the 3 Local staff (including myself) but was in vain. I was promised a bonus for year ending 2010 but was never given. In anger and frustration I left the company.

    Till todate, there is still no contribution of EPF for the existing staff.

    What is the best cause of action that can be taken on this company which is very arrogant and says go ahead and report where u want to about it.


    • Hi Suwaran, feel deeply sad over your situation. Take all your pay slips from that company & report to the nearest KWSP & SOCSO office about your previous employer’s failure in complying the requirement.

      KWSP & Perkeso will investigate the matter and if it found out to be the case, they will first request the company to pay the full EPF & SOCSO (Employer + Employee Portions) plus the dividends of which you are entitled during the tenure of your service with that company.

      If the company is still failed to remit the sum after the summon, KWSP & Perkeso will take legal action over the company & all directors.

      You can count on KWSP & Perkeso as they are one of the most effective and efficient government agencies (at least to me).

      Good luck & all the best to you, Suwaran.

      (P.S.: Your & your company’s names are amended/marked for safety reasons)

  2. Can I know still can apply RM500 for households and RM250 for singles? How to apply?

  3. still hoping for the cash Rm. 500, kindly letr me know why notifi


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